Victims of the “Jealous Wife”

How many of you know of that particular woman – the one who snoops into her husband’s phones, emails, Facebook accounts, diaries, notebooks etc; and who cannot stand her husband near this particular “living being” called “another female”. Are you one of them? Then woman- trust us- you are being possessed by that nasty ghost called “jealous wife”! Trust us, we don’t mean to preach, … Continue reading Victims of the “Jealous Wife”

Salman Khan To Bite Dust?

“His name will be in tomorrow morning’s newspapers – a man who rises fast, bites dust equally fast”, quips Nizamuddin Baig from Sultanpur outside Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartments. For those of you who are unaware, Salman Khan a superstar and a do-gooder in his own right.  Salman is involved in raising funds for social causes through this charity – Being Human. Salman also an arch rival … Continue reading Salman Khan To Bite Dust?