Art of dealing with Parents’ Emotional Drama

South Asian, on top of that, from a typical middle class family- we deal with parental interference throughout our life.  In general, South Asian parents are not good at expressing emotions but they are quite good at providing instructions on what their children should do in life.  “Be an engineer, a doctor or a banker”, “Get a job in one of those big companies”, “Get … Continue reading Art of dealing with Parents’ Emotional Drama

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Can’t stand me? Three mantras to deal with it

You cannot stand your friend’s offensive spouse, yet, you need to meet him/her because you truly enjoy hanging out with your friend; you want to kill your husband’s relative as she has nothing good to say about you, yet, you need to be pleasant because she is ‘his’ ‘relative’; you are enjoying your Friday ‘after-work’ drinks at work, and that ‘one’ colleague joins who is … Continue reading Can’t stand me? Three mantras to deal with it

Courtesy: http://www.examiner.com/article/study-shows-women-can-be-blinded-by-jealousy

Victims of the “Jealous Wife”

How many of you know of that particular woman – the one who snoops into her husband’s phones, emails, Facebook accounts, diaries, notebooks etc; and who cannot stand her husband near this particular “living being” called “another female”. Are you one of them? Then woman- trust us- you are being possessed by that nasty ghost called “jealous wife”! Trust us, we don’t mean to preach, … Continue reading Victims of the “Jealous Wife”