Devyani Khobragade – Monster Employer’s Diplomatic Mess

“Mommy can we please get that?” said a sweet little 4 or something year old boy, as he pointed to the chocolate croissant. His accent was somewhat Californian and I asked his mother, where she was from.  She told me she was from California indeed!  She was accompanying her husband who worked in the State Department, and was eager to head back home for Summer … Continue reading Devyani Khobragade – Monster Employer’s Diplomatic Mess


5 reasons to fly ONLY Air India!

When the senior managers from Tata Services Ltd, Skoda Auto India, and Godrej suggest that Air India is on top of it’s game, you’ve got to believe them. I was no different, after all accomplished and well-traveled CEOs wouldn’t lie to us with a straight face. And I must say, after my recent experience with Air India I not only endorse the ad, but I … Continue reading 5 reasons to fly ONLY Air India!


When I was molested

(DISCLAIMER: This post might not be appropriate for all readers!) As we were waiting for an auto in front of the Gurgaon’s MGF Metropolitan Mall, my friend from Gurgaon made an unusual remark, “That is the place where they pick up girls.” I wondered what he meant..! When one uses two words “pick up” and “girls” in the same sentence, we presume, boys picking up … Continue reading When I was molested