Lessons in Karma from Deepika Padukone

Have you ever witnessed life come a full circle, like in the “what goes around comes around” kind of way? My co-blogger Deepti and I have spent numerous hours discussing the Ranveer-Deepika-Ranbir-Katrina love angle and we just experienced Bollywood’s biggest karma-is-a-b**** fallout in recent history. As you must have already read – Ranbir broke up with Katrina. Incidentally, it is also the day Ranveer and … Continue reading Lessons in Karma from Deepika Padukone

Kick – Movie Review

My uncle once said to me, “You NGO philanthropic types work with poor people because it makes you feel better about yourself.” As acerbic that statement sounded back then, Salman’s latest flick KICK really proved my uncle right. Here goes… Salman plays a romantic Robin Hood of around 40 years of age, whose solo mission is to give back to needy kids. But how can … Continue reading Kick – Movie Review

Bollywood Item Songs or Regressive Pornography?

(DISCLAIMER: Content in this post is inappropriate for audience under 18 years of age) As I was spending my evening watching TV, my maid’s snide comment caught my attention “Aajkal toh TV khole main bhi Saram aati hain! Yeh bada bad heroin log pura kapda utarti hain aur nachti hain” (translate: these days I feel ashamed even turning the TV on. These top actresses take … Continue reading Bollywood Item Songs or Regressive Pornography?