Shwetha Menon – Molested by “Moral” Guardians of our Society

When Ms. Shwetha Menon was retracting her complaint against the Congress Party’s Member of Parliament (MP), Mr. Peethambara Kurup, she probably was cursing her own fate for accusing a politician of sexually harassing her. She might have forgotten that she is an Indian woman who should be prepared for any type of groping and pinching by any man – even if he is someone of … Continue reading Shwetha Menon – Molested by “Moral” Guardians of our Society

Rahul Baba’s Ordinance NONSENSE!

Recently, the Un-Progressive Alliance (UPA) India, headed by Congress issued the controversial and shameless ordinance to save their star performer MPs and MLAs with criminal records so they can contest in the next election. While Aam Admi like you and I were scratching our heads wondering, how foolish the Government thinks we are, our hero, our savior, our Rahul Baba came out of the  poster … Continue reading Rahul Baba’s Ordinance NONSENSE!