Happy Bhai Tika, my brother! My gay brother!

No other day is a better day for me to tell the world that I am a proud sister of my brother who is an anthropologist, a poet, a painter, a writer, a film editor, a political scientist, a sociologist, a PhD student, and the ONLY child prodigy possibly born in our extended family. Not a single person can deny the fact that no one … Continue reading Happy Bhai Tika, my brother! My gay brother!

Gay India

Will you accept your Gay Indian son?

(DISCLAIMER: NOT APPROPRIATE FOR READERS UNDER 18. GENERALIZATIONS ARE NEVER COOL, BUT WE MAKE THEM ANYWAY) Citizens of the world – the U.S. is slowly but surely getting its act together toward a more tolerant social structure. Gays-Lesbians-Bisexuals-Straights can all get married and our bosoms are fluffed with PRIDE! But not everyone’s happy, especially those who feel their conservative American values have been tarnished by RAINBOWS and FRUITS … Continue reading Will you accept your Gay Indian son?

Credit: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-25329067

Gay in India – You’re Illegal!

Oh thou moralists, wake up! (DISCLAIMER: INAPPROPRIATE FOR READERS UNDER 18) We recently heard the Supreme Court declaring that Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code cannot be struck down, making gay sex now illegal in India. We felt violated! Gay or straight, whatever our orientation might be, a bunch of moralists sitting in that closed room have now allowed the government to enter our … Continue reading Gay in India – You’re Illegal!