Kick – Movie Review

My uncle once said to me, “You NGO philanthropic types work with poor people because it makes you feel better about yourself.” As acerbic that statement sounded back then, Salman’s latest flick KICK really proved my uncle right. Here goes… Salman plays a romantic Robin Hood of around 40 years of age, whose solo mission is to give back to needy kids. But how can … Continue reading Kick – Movie Review

My “2-states” story: A cross- cultural marriage

Chetan Bhagat’s book-turned movie “2 states” is releasing this week. I have not read the book, however, the trailer and the promotions of the movie remind me of my own “2-states” marriage with my Tamilian husband. While I grew up in a typical boisterous Nepalese family, my husband grew up in a simple Tamilian Iyer family. Frankly speaking, our families as well as our upbringing … Continue reading My “2-states” story: A cross- cultural marriage