Jayalalithaa, Amma – An Homage to the Golden Maiden

Thanga Tharagai (Golden Maiden) Worshipped, revered, feared and fearless. One needs no more lexiconic liberties than these aforementioned adjectives to describe the woman that individually transformed the political landscape of south Indian politics, to the tunes of a woman with no political lineage or support. Born, Feb 24 1948, a believer in astrology she once confided that she was a true Pisces. Emotional in all … Continue reading Jayalalithaa, Amma – An Homage to the Golden Maiden

Dear Zindagi – Movie Review

“Bachpan mein jab rona aata hai Toh bade kehte hain: aansu pocho Jab gussa aata hai Bade kehte hain: Give us a smile taaki ghar ki shaanti bani rahe Nafrat karna chahte hain to Ijaazat nahi thi Tab jab hum pyaar karna chaahte hain, to pata chalta hai Ye saara emotional system hi gadbada gaya Kaam nahi kar raha, cannot function! Rona, Gussa, Nafrat Kuch … Continue reading Dear Zindagi – Movie Review

The Audacity of Hope

November 8, 2016 was a clear vindication for 26.3% of Americans who voted for Donald Trump, with a lingering hope to “Make America Great Again”. Liberals refused to vote for the presumed-dangerous-protectionist-promises and rampant insults Trump doled throughout the most contentious election campaign in recent American history. Sadly, liberals are now gasping for meaning and licking their wounds in disbelief. Not only did Hillary Clinton lose, Democrats were … Continue reading The Audacity of Hope

The Real Man

Masculinity since pre-historic times has always been defined for a man, a virtue that was a function of his physical strength, bravado, courage under fire, ability to galvanize many other men under his leadership for attainment of a common cause – chiefly acquisition, land, wealth , crown, throne, stature or any raised societal pedestals. Times changed, women who forever took the back-seat on all decisive matters … Continue reading The Real Man

P.I.N.K – Movie Review

(WARNING: Post contains graphic details of violence against women. May not be appropriate for readers under 18). 92 women get raped in India, EVERY DAY. That is one woman every 18 minutes. By the time you get up to the daily monotony of a routine robotic life and are finished with a sumptuous breakfast of toast with peanut butter and coffee, almost 15 women have … Continue reading P.I.N.K – Movie Review

Got Strep Throat? This Natural Remedy Works!

My family has a love-hate relationship with Strep Throat. Strep seems to love us, and we hate the pain, fever, shivers and antibiotics we’re subjected to when Strep comes along multiple times a year. The beginning of school year is especially hard on kids and parents. My friends and their kids seem to contract Strep at least once and it’s a miserable time for the … Continue reading Got Strep Throat? This Natural Remedy Works!

Gangster – Story of Love and Betrayal – Movie Review

“Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.” ― Jalaluddin Rumi Sometimes even the most painful betrayals have their way of bringing us closer to life and love. Gangster – a love story, is an exceptional love story – painted in colors of blue, where lovers seek togetherness, only to realize the meaning of true love beyond mortality. Anurag … Continue reading Gangster – Story of Love and Betrayal – Movie Review

Bad Moms Review – Raunchy and Ridiculous – Go Watch It!

You know the hardest part about being a mom? You honestly have no clue what you’re really doing – whether you’re parenting the right way, whether your darling baby will  turn out to be a boon for humankind or an entitled spoilt brat you dare not unleash on the world. The confusion and distress moms face doesn’t end with the guilt we put ourselves through … Continue reading Bad Moms Review – Raunchy and Ridiculous – Go Watch It!

How Our Bias Got Us Here #BlackLivesMatter

  Cameron Sterling, Alton Sterling’s 15-year-old son, said at his father’s funeral I want everyone to protest the right way. Protest in peace, not guns, not drugs, not alcohol, not violence. These powerful pictures from around the country say it all – we’re heartbroken, we’re angry and we hope the tragedy of the past month, is never repeated in the United States! United States was … Continue reading How Our Bias Got Us Here #BlackLivesMatter

Sharing Human Lens Blog – Honor Killing!

Women continue to die in terrible circumstances across the world in name of honor and this sickness is quite common in most Muslim countries boasting of appalling women rights record. The concept of honor is so embedded in societies that it becomes very easy to justify all forms of violence against women. Last week, Pakistani social […] via She Got What She Deserved -Killed In Name … Continue reading Sharing Human Lens Blog – Honor Killing!