Dating Challenges in Silicon Valley

Take a stroll down hipster food joints and cool bars on any Friday night from San Jose, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Santa Clara and the well-known alleys of Silicon Valley – there’s no dearth of stunning single men and women. All matched through some cryptic algorithm that told them to swipe right! From Tinder to Coffee Meets Bagel, Bumble, Hinge and so on – different flavors and … Continue reading Dating Challenges in Silicon Valley

Don’t Stop – Do More! From Women’s March to Immigrant Protests – The Power of Activism

“What does p***y mean?” asked my curious, cold and tired 9-year old surrounded in a sea of pink p***y hats outside the ornate gold & grey Civic Center in San Francisco. I skirted around the definition – wondering how comfortable we’ve gotten with the word in the current political context. Two older ladies in their 60s smiled generously at my little boy. “Your daughters and … Continue reading Don’t Stop – Do More! From Women’s March to Immigrant Protests – The Power of Activism

Sorry, but India isn’t shining….

Many years ago I was fantastically flummoxed at the idea of participating in the Oxford Essay writing competition. Those were the early genesis days of the world wide web and correspondence such as the 1500 word essay had to take place via postal mails. However, the source of my anxiety wasn’t the fact that 1500 word for a 14-year-old was a herculean task or even the … Continue reading Sorry, but India isn’t shining….

16 Things I learnt in 2016

2016 – we’re so over you already! So many injured hearts and hopes – the year took it all. This year has been particularly challenging for the feminists across the United States still trying to make sense of the political landscape awaiting us 2017 onwards. Here’s an amazing quote that will keep us pushing to fight the good fight in the meantime! Every woman that finally figured out her … Continue reading 16 Things I learnt in 2016

Jayalalithaa, Amma – An Homage to the Golden Maiden

Thanga Tharagai (Golden Maiden) Worshipped, revered, feared and fearless. One needs no more lexiconic liberties than these aforementioned adjectives to describe the woman that individually transformed the political landscape of south Indian politics, to the tunes of a woman with no political lineage or support. Born, Feb 24 1948, a believer in astrology she once confided that she was a true Pisces. Emotional in all … Continue reading Jayalalithaa, Amma – An Homage to the Golden Maiden

The Audacity of Hope

November 8, 2016 was a clear vindication for 26.3% of Americans who voted for Donald Trump, with a lingering hope to “Make America Great Again”. Liberals refused to vote for the presumed-dangerous-protectionist-promises and rampant insults Trump doled throughout the most contentious election campaign in recent American history. Sadly, liberals are now gasping for meaning and licking their wounds in disbelief. Not only did Hillary Clinton lose, Democrats were … Continue reading The Audacity of Hope

The Real Man

Masculinity since pre-historic times has always been defined for a man, a virtue that was a function of his physical strength, bravado, courage under fire, ability to galvanize many other men under his leadership for attainment of a common cause – chiefly acquisition, land, wealth , crown, throne, stature or any raised societal pedestals. Times changed, women who forever took the back-seat on all decisive matters … Continue reading The Real Man

How Our Bias Got Us Here #BlackLivesMatter

  Cameron Sterling, Alton Sterling’s 15-year-old son, said at his father’s funeral I want everyone to protest the right way. Protest in peace, not guns, not drugs, not alcohol, not violence. These powerful pictures from around the country say it all – we’re heartbroken, we’re angry and we hope the tragedy of the past month, is never repeated in the United States! United States was … Continue reading How Our Bias Got Us Here #BlackLivesMatter

Sharing Human Lens Blog – Honor Killing!

Women continue to die in terrible circumstances across the world in name of honor and this sickness is quite common in most Muslim countries boasting of appalling women rights record. The concept of honor is so embedded in societies that it becomes very easy to justify all forms of violence against women. Last week, Pakistani social […] via She Got What She Deserved -Killed In Name … Continue reading Sharing Human Lens Blog – Honor Killing!

Hema Malini & Mathura Debacle – “Dream Girl’s” Political Drama!

Hema Malini is a “Dream Girl” by all accounts – an amazing dancer, a brilliant actress, and a delight for audience of all ages and backgrounds. Tamilians love her because she represents the elite Iyengar clan so well. Punjabis love her because Dharmendra is no longer her husband, and he’s back with his first wife from Punjab! So why all the hate for the beloved … Continue reading Hema Malini & Mathura Debacle – “Dream Girl’s” Political Drama!