When I was molested

(DISCLAIMER: This post might not be appropriate for all readers!) As we were waiting for an auto in front of the Gurgaon’s MGF Metropolitan Mall, my friend from Gurgaon made an unusual remark, “That is the place where they pick up girls.” I wondered what he meant..! When one uses two words “pick up” and “girls” in the same sentence, we presume, boys picking up … Continue reading When I was molested

Fasting For Husbands – The Feminist Way!

This past Sunday was a festival called “Teej“, where the woman fasts for an entire day for the sake of her husband’s health and wealth. It might seem very romantic on the surface, but we quickly justified, “but my husband never fasts for me.” Moreover, Sunday feast was too tempting to give up over a religious and cultural belief!   3 generations of women sat … Continue reading Fasting For Husbands – The Feminist Way!