A Reflection in the Nepalese Eye…

We were on a mission to dine at every single recommended cafe on Trip Advisor and that euphoric madness led us to Gaia! A boutique restaurant on Kumari Marg, Thamel. A stone throw from our hotel but we still needed two of each, brains, cell phones, GPS navigation systems and apps to triangulate the position. Thamel district in Kathmandu is an explorer’s paradise. The diversity … Continue reading A Reflection in the Nepalese Eye…

Sorry, but India isn’t shining….

Many years ago I was fantastically flummoxed at the idea of participating in the Oxford Essay writing competition. Those were the early genesis days of the world wide web and correspondence such as the 1500 word essay had to take place via postal mails. However, the source of my anxiety wasn’t the fact that 1500 word for a 14-year-old was a herculean task or even the … Continue reading Sorry, but India isn’t shining….

Jayalalithaa, Amma – An Homage to the Golden Maiden

Thanga Tharagai (Golden Maiden) Worshipped, revered, feared and fearless. One needs no more lexiconic liberties than these aforementioned adjectives to describe the woman that individually transformed the political landscape of south Indian politics, to the tunes of a woman with no political lineage or support. Born, Feb 24 1948, a believer in astrology she once confided that she was a true Pisces. Emotional in all … Continue reading Jayalalithaa, Amma – An Homage to the Golden Maiden

The Real Man

Masculinity since pre-historic times has always been defined for a man, a virtue that was a function of his physical strength, bravado, courage under fire, ability to galvanize many other men under his leadership for attainment of a common cause – chiefly acquisition, land, wealth , crown, throne, stature or any raised societal pedestals. Times changed, women who forever took the back-seat on all decisive matters … Continue reading The Real Man

P.I.N.K – Movie Review

(WARNING: Post contains graphic details of violence against women. May not be appropriate for readers under 18). 92 women get raped in India, EVERY DAY. That is one woman every 18 minutes. By the time you get up to the daily monotony of a routine robotic life and are finished with a sumptuous breakfast of toast with peanut butter and coffee, almost 15 women have … Continue reading P.I.N.K – Movie Review