16 Things I learnt in 2016

2016 – we’re so over you already! So many injured hearts and hopes – the year took it all. This year has been particularly challenging for the feminists across the United States still trying to make sense of the political landscape awaiting us 2017 onwards. Here’s an amazing quote that will keep us pushing to fight the good fight in the meantime! Every woman that finally figured out her … Continue reading 16 Things I learnt in 2016

Dangal – Movie Review

2016 sure has been a year of Reel Sports. We’ve seen biopics in pairs, starting with concentration on our diehard sport of cricket transcribed from Azher to Dhoni and the latest surge of interest in wrestling from Sultan to Dangal. While Sultan raked the moolahs, pleasing the masses with Salman’s langot clad fights; no one would have dared to recreate a Dangal in the same … Continue reading Dangal – Movie Review

Befikre – Loving Carelessly – Movie Review

Befikre! The promise young love is always enchanting – it is refreshing and the mere thought makes the heart skip a beat. Befikre unfortunately is a regressive view of modern love, with a warped perspective about lust, love and commitment in today’s world. The story is about Shayra, played by Vaani Kappor version 2.0, and Dharam, played by Ranveer who seemed to be playing himself. … Continue reading Befikre – Loving Carelessly – Movie Review

Jayalalithaa, Amma – An Homage to the Golden Maiden

Thanga Tharagai (Golden Maiden) Worshipped, revered, feared and fearless. One needs no more lexiconic liberties than these aforementioned adjectives to describe the woman that individually transformed the political landscape of south Indian politics, to the tunes of a woman with no political lineage or support. Born, Feb 24 1948, a believer in astrology she once confided that she was a true Pisces. Emotional in all … Continue reading Jayalalithaa, Amma – An Homage to the Golden Maiden