Dear Zindagi – Movie Review

“Bachpan mein jab rona aata hai
Toh bade kehte hain: aansu pocho
Jab gussa aata hai Bade kehte hain:
Give us a smile taaki ghar ki shaanti bani rahe
Nafrat karna chahte hain to Ijaazat nahi thi
Tab jab hum pyaar karna chaahte hain,
to pata chalta hai Ye saara emotional system
hi gadbada gaya Kaam nahi kar raha, cannot function!
Rona, Gussa, Nafrat Kuch bhi khulkar express nahi karne diya
Ab pyaar kaise express karein?” 

Gauri Shinde is probably one of the few female protagonists amidst mainstream filmmakers whose heroines are far from being restrained by men. She made English Vinglish, which was inspired by the story of her mother. Her magic continues with Dear Zindagi that is inspired by life, connections in life and their impact on us.




Dear Zindagi is a simple story of a young woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The story also highlights numerous clichés like 9-5 jobs, annoying regressive relatives, hesitation of accepting a gay child, the undeniable expectations from unmarried girl, best of all – stigma of seeking a therapist. Say, what “A Therapist?”

A simple story with beautiful life coaching dialogues to complete life’s puzzle!
Ones you get past Alia’s uneven eyeliner and her insecurities, you start experiencing life through her eyes.


Alia Bhatt plays the character of Kiara, an aspiring cinematographer cruising through life’s icebergs, who thinks she knows better than the directors she works under, and is in search of a picture perfect life. Her topsy-turvy love life ends before it begins. Kiara, at times comes across self centered, whiny and irascible mess. She claims to hate relationships till she meets linen-clad unconventional therapist too good to be true. A therapist, who tinkers with bicycles, plays kabaddi with waves on the beach and has numerous misfit chairs in his gypsy-style office. The therapist likens trying out lovers to a hunt for the perfect chair through fleeting seats.

There is much joy in dialogues.


If you are a fan of Shah Rukh Khan narrating the life coaching lines, this is a film for you! For those who have already judged the movie based on the pairing, you are in for a surprise. Alia Bhatt plays the character true to her personality – quirky, empathetic, but a slightly messed-up person. She is upset, angry, heartbroken and happy in a relatable way only she can be. Both Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan work exceptionally well together, with her gamine grin which falters when she remembers something troubling, and his twinkly come-to-me-and-it-will-all-get-better vibe.

The supporting cast, embodied with Alia dating men with contrasting personalities, whose perspectives on life eventually reflect in her short film she is making.


Kunal Kapoor is a pumped up film producer with a man-bun and a high-fashion look. Alia’s petite size enhanced his built up physique and height.

Ali Zafar plays a brooding rock star with interesting tattoos, is as passionate about love as he is about music. He does very little talking and embraces us with his constant deep singing voice. Angad Bedi is Alia’s sweetheart, owns a starry suburban restaurant, is seen mesmerized by her innocence.

Dear Zindagi doesn’t take sides, there’s no preconceiving notion that Kiara is wronged, a heartbroken woman or even the men in her life are evil. It just tells you Kiara is a woman with suppressed feelings, she is often seen laying awake in bed, jarred by an acute fear of being judged! The writer lets us piece together our own conclusions of the dream sequence that has Kiara confused.

Dear Zindagi emphasizes on two words ‘Love Yourself’… falls in place with time.

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