Bad Moms Review – Raunchy and Ridiculous – Go Watch It!

You know the hardest part about being a mom?

You honestly have no clue what you’re really doing – whether you’re parenting the right way, whether your darling baby will  turn out to be a boon for humankind or an entitled spoilt brat you dare not unleash on the world.

The confusion and distress moms face doesn’t end with the guilt we put ourselves through – am I a good mom? Visit any mommy blog – the conversations reek of unfounded judgement hurled on moms by moms! Breast-feeding moms totally think non-breast-feeding babies have IQ-lower than their smothered b**b-suckers, gluten-free moms totally look down upon moms feeding their doting darlings McDonalds and Pizza Hut, vaccine-boycotting moms totally think other moms know nothing about the relationship between vaccines with autism, sugar-free moms totally think the world’s going crazy because moms feed their babies way too much candy!

Credit: Bad Moms

But here’s what binds all the moms together – our inexplicable devotion and love toward our kids. It’s why we moms push ourselves to borderline insanity – the kids must have the right kind of fooding, clothing, parenting, schooling, after-schooling, tutoring. The result – hyper-stressed moms and children! We all know – there is no perfect way to raise a child. Heck, most of us mostly grew up on our own – through compassionate community parenting and mostly hands-off parenting.

Here’s my question to the amazing moms out there – when did we take time off for ourselves to have breakfast at a lovely joint, write or read at a hipster coffee place, splurge on sexy Louboutin – heck even on a sexy bra? Well now is our time, ladies…
Credit: The Guardian


I didn’t expect this latest MOMMY movie by Directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore (of the Hangover fame), to be plain outrageous fun! Mila Kunis of the 70s show fame is the overworked, underpaid, yet stunning, sane and a devoted mother whose world explodes in a tizzy after she finds her husband cheating online, children behaving like pompous brats, PTA membership ending disgracefully, and a part-time job ending in shambles. The remaining moms in the movie are also dealing with their own troubles, sometimes gracefully and sometimes pitifully.

My absolute favorite was Kathryn Kahn character’s – a loud, trash-talking, outrightly loyal, out-of-control single-mom who wasn’t afraid to paint the town red! Now, we all need a friend like that!

The movie follows a typical super-hero or super-heroine storyline, where the heroine:

  1. Finds herself in a life-altering crisis
  2. Is lost and confused and about to give up on life
  3. Finds her inner strength and super heroine powers
  4. Realizes she has an impossibly dangerous nemesis
  5. Fights her nemesis and wins big time
  6. Discovers a new meaning to her life!
Credit: The Guardian

The endearing and out-of-control comedy has just the right amount of heart for mommies and women in general. The story is about finding the much needed support in sisterhood – amongst women who love and support each other without judgement, women who cherish each other’s company and rely on their “sisters” in the most troubled times. Because I am very fortunate to have such amazing women in my life, I strongly endorse the movie! Go with the amazing women in your life and enjoy the movie – and bring the guys along too!

If you’re not convinced, watch the trailer here!

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