Lessons in Karma from Deepika Padukone

Have you ever witnessed life come a full circle, like in the “what goes around comes around” kind of way? My co-blogger Deepti and I have spent numerous hours discussing the Ranveer-Deepika-Ranbir-Katrina love angle and we just experienced Bollywood’s biggest karma-is-a-b**** fallout in recent history.

Credit: India Today

As you must have already read – Ranbir broke up with Katrina. Incidentally, it is also the day Ranveer and Deepika won the Filmfare award as the new “it” Bollywood couple. It’s an irony of sorts because Deepika really got burnt by Ranbir’s incessant cheating with Katrina, broke up and eventually found Ranveer – the crazy loverboy! But then, it’s Ranbir we’re talking about – he carries the Kapoor legacy so to speak. The doomed Katrina-Ranbir pair broke up because Katrina was pretty pissed off about Deepika’s lingering presence in Ranbir’s life.

Despite all the drama, Deepika’s measured approach to success has been talked about just as much as the men in her life – from Dhoni to Ranbir to Ranveer. The lady is unapologetic about her successes and failures. You rarely see her getting caught up in drama and always takes the high road. Regardless of your opinion about her work, Deepika is a young lady who carries her own and here’s what we can learn from her dignified grace:

Keep Calm When Good Luck Turns on You

It all began with the massive fallout between Deepika and Ranbir, when Ranbir allegedly cheated on her. Ranbir’s initials as tattooed on her neck couldn’t save her from the misery and the pain after the breakup – and she talked about her depression publicly. But, she turned her agony into relentless passion for work and she cranked out one good performance after another – Cocktail, Chennai Express, Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani, Piku, Bajirao Mastani to name a few. Good luck came back around didn’t it?

Credit: Indian Express

The Universe Does Not Reward Reaction, it Rewards Stillness

Ladies in Bollywood talk a lot of absurdities about Deepika. They call her catty, jealous, over-zealous with her PR, vindictive etc. But Deepika rarely reacts; she carries on with dignity and never fires back. Her contemporaries have played the victim card; remember when Kangana cried about not being friends with Deepika anymore and being hurt about not being invited to Piku’s after-after-party? Remember when Sonam said Deepika’s PR was too busy putting out poor news about other actresses? There’s one thing Deepika didn’t do – REACT. She carried on! It was Kangana and Sonam who seemed catty and jealous! Deepika on the other hand kept bagging one good film after another with a focused approach.

You Experience True Abundance When You Forgive

The public breakup, the depression that followed, the failed movies and the mockery from critics must not have been easy for Deepika. Many wrote her agony off as a rich girl’s problem, yet – misery is misery be it a rich woman’s or a poor woman’s. What’s critical is that Deepika did not talk poorly about Ranbir – instead she was always the better person and spoke warmly about him and about the healthy post-breakup relationship they shared. She forgave but made better choices – both personal and professional. She grew from her experience.

Deepika Padukone & Ranbir Kapoor (Source- Instagram | @shaleenanathani)
Credit: Instagram | @shaleenanathani

What Goes Around Comes Around

In the end, it is Deepika who is having the last laugh. She’s enjoying the accolades, the endorsements, the international limelight, and the affection from her directors and majority of the male co-stars. The girl who was once written off, as just a pretty face was possibly the only reason 2015’s Tamasha (with Ranbir and Deepika in the lead) did the little business that it did.

Ranbir Kapoor despite being the better actor is still struggling to deliver a hit on his own – much like his talented cousin – Kareena Kapoor. If you really want another evidence of what-goes-around-comes-around– you must remember that Kareena dissed Deepika pretty poorly back in 2010 on Koffee with Karan, and really has had a pretty sucky career since! Katrina, Ranbir’s ex-love might as well bite dust – with no RK, it’s hard to imagine she will have any career left.

Lastly, here’s the best evidence of what-goes-around-comes-around! When Karan Johar asked Deepika about advice she’d give to her ex – Ranbir Kapoor, she suggested he endorse a condom brand…ahem…an insinuation about his promiscuous ways. Here’s the irony though – Ranveer Singh, her beau now endorses a condom brand. Isn’t it interesting how life works out?

In the end, no one really knows the inside scoop, but Deepika is a wise lady. She’s ambitious like no other and has been able to channel her stressors into successes. Of course the stunning face, a near perfect frame and the tanned Indian graciousness doesn’t hurt – at least her fans are not complaining.

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