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Thank You – Our Top Blogs of 2015

We thank all our readers for making 2015 a successful and fulfilling year. We blogged about social issues, Indian mythology, and Bollywood.

Together, we authored 30 blogs, with a total of 91,000 views from 169 countries! Most visitors came from The United States. India & Australia were not far behind.

Top Blogs from 2015

1. Sorry for being away, my Nepal


We were all deeply pained by the terrible earthquake in Nepal as we prayed for the people of Nepal, our friends and family.

2. Magical Effects of Blue Sapphire


Gemstones and their healing powers…the Sapphire being the most popular and significant of all gemstones. We shared our own story about the impact of Sapphire on life.

3. 5 Reasons to Watch the New Mahabharat

Vida Manejo, Yudhistir, Starplus.in, Star Plus, Mahabharata, Mahabharat, Draupadi, Pandav, Kaurav,
Credit: StarPlus.in

We loved the new Star Plus rendition of Mahabharat. We could think of more than 5 reasons to enjoy Mahabharat, and we appreciated you sharing all your views about the new Mahabharat.

4. Mahabharat’s Karna – the Hero or Anti-Hero – Part 1

5. Mahabharat’s Karna – The Philanthropic Warrior – Hero or Anti-Hero – Part 2

6. Why Karna’s Death has Lessons for Modern Indian Male


Karna captivated us! He was hero warrior with a chip on his shoulder. He romanticized his abandonment as a child and his outcast warrior status. He stood with Kurus and was hungry for power. Many of our readers disagreed, making our Karna blog series one of the most popular.

7. Movie Blog: What We Can Learn from Aamir Khan’s PK?


PK – the latest offering by Rajkumar Hirani, with Aamir Khan in the lead explored the age old question – “who is God?” We appreciated the message the movie delivered, and you agreed.

8. Does Mahabharat Justify Draupadi’s Molestation?

Credit: StarPlus.in

We are in awe of Draupadi and we fail to understand why she isn’t worshipped like Sita is. She was the ultimate feminist of her time and her stunning persona has withstood the test of times. We will continue exploring Draupadi’s motivations and ambitions in our upcoming blogs.

9. Satyamev Jayate Episode Review – Who is Guilty – A Rapist or a Rape-Victim?


A rape victims in India suffer at the hand of society’s indifference, misogyny, and barbarism. The stories will rip your soul but also help you appreciate the tenacity of rape victims in India.

10. A Complete Mockery of Gender Equality – Draft of the Nepalese Constitution


We were increasingly disappointed by the Constitution of Nepal and the gender disparity. We analyzed the draft constitution and encouraged citizens to voice their concerns about the Constitution.


One thought on “Thank You – Our Top Blogs of 2015

  1. I always read your blog first than others . They are really touching , informative and interesting.

    The most touching was “Sorry for being away,my Nepal” at the time of terrible Earthquake in Nepal we were suffering . We felt how You love us.

    All blogs are like that.
    Keep it up. Best wishes.

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