Yoga 101: For those who think they cannot do Yoga!

You have heard about Yoga, you want to try but too scared seeing those extraordinary poses!  You think you cannot do Yoga!

I explain why Yoga is just for you.

How shall I start?

Listen to this 10 minute “visualization” exercise offered by Esther Ekhart.

Two years ago, when I first came across this video, I was in a bad phase of my life. During this exercise, I saw myself as a very healthy, a very happy and a very positive person. That is when I realized that I must be fit first to love myself, and when I start loving myself, I will automatically be happy. I am doing quite well today.

Please note that staying ‘fit’ does not mean having flat abs and well-toned body. As much as I’d love to have that body, it is quite impossible in real life. Staying ‘fit’ means maintaining the balance between strength and flexibility in my body; and feeling good about myself.  That is what Yoga does for you!

I do not have time for Yoga! Too busy in life!

Frankly speaking, this excuse amazes me the most! Are we so blinded with our life priorities that we do not even have 15 minutes for our own body. It is quite a pity, actually!

As a starter, just spend 15 minutes doing Yoga. Yes, just 15 minutes. In fact, I was so lazy that I actually started with 10 minutes. Gradually I increased my stamina as well as my dedication.

I can never do those Yoga poses that we see in the pictures

Forget those Yogis who can do inversion, handstand, headstand and so on poses. I can never do those poses in my life, and I am not aiming for that as well. Yoga is very personal. It is about your body and what your body can do. Yoga is never about what others can do! Your job is to challenge yourself as a Yogi, and gradually move ahead.

Okay, let us now start somewhere!

Start with Hatha Yoga. You can also learn Sun Salutation for Beginners. I love this one by Esther Ekhart.

For some reason, the following series of videos were very helpful when I first started Yoga. (It is in Hindi though; but quite simple and basic poses which you can learn and try).

Lastly, please remember

  1. You should never do anything that hurts
  2. When you are doing Yoga, you are going to stretch your body muscle. This can be a little painful. Challenge your body, and do not give up easily. However, do not “over-do” for the sake of doing. Remember rule no. 1
  3. When I started Yoga, I remember having a body pain for a day or so. I quickly realized that I was doing poses incorrectly. I suggest you watch Yoga videos before you start your exercise.

Please leave your comment if you are particularly interested in any kind of Yoga. I have spent 100s of hours exploring and trying Yoga videos. Trust me, more than 75% of these You Tube Yoga videos are useless. Instructors are just interested in showing off their well-toned body and those impossible poses that they are capable of doing. But there are some good e-gurus who genuinely make Yoga look very simple and relatable. I am more than happy to share those You Tube videos with you.

Featured Image: Flickr, MichaelEClarke, Mass Mudra


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