The Only Beauty Elixir You Need!

Ask any Indian grandmother, mother or Indian Aunty about how her hair is so thick and lush and she’ll inevitably say – Coconut oil. We all have fond memories of our moms grabbing us by the head and forcing the coconut oil in our heads for shiny glistening tresses. And the remedy works! Not only for hair, but practically for every possible beauty need there exists.

Coconut is traditionally derived from the fruit of the Coconut palm. The “virgin” coconut oil typically refers to the unprocessed, unrefined and unadulterated version. In fact, coconut oil has made quite an international revival. Long chastised for increasing cholesterol, the current science now says – people actually lose weight when consuming coconut oil. Traditional Asian cultures knew it all along, you can use Coconut oil for all needs – beauty, cooking, health and comfort.


Best Conditioner for Hair

Try coconut oil for your hair and you will be thanking me. There are 2 commonly suggested ways to use coconut oil for hair:

  1. Dry to Normal Hair – Once a week, apply lots of oil to your hair. Ensure your scalp gets moisturized. Just dig in and get your hair drenched in oil. Wipe away the excess and keep the oil overnight in your hair. You may want to cover your pillows with a thick tower that night. Don’t worry! The oil washes off the towels just fine. Shampoo your hair twice in the shower next morning and you will be amazed at how smooth your hair is. No conditioner is needed and you will be amazed at the sheen too!
  2. Normal to Oily Hair – If you have an oily scalp, don’t oil the scalp but only the bottom half of your usually neglected tresses. Alternatively you can oil the entire head of hair, but just make sure to wash it all off in 1-2 hours. The shine and sheen will be amazing!


Eye Makeup Remover

Have you ever taken a look at the commercial-grade makeup removers? They are full of nasty harsh chemicals that go back in your eye! I apply kohl pencil to my eyes all the time, and use coconut oil dabbed in a cotton ball to remove the make up. The eyes feel a bit greasy but this is essential because makeup often dis-balances the moisture in our skin. The oil also nourishes the skin under your eyes, reducing dark circles. You can wipe away excess oil using a clean cotton swab if you don’t care for the greasy feeling. By the way, Rose hip oil (as the one shown above) also works great!

Moisturizer for Driest of Skin Types

Coconut oil is the only moisturizer I use before leaving for work or the beach. And it doesn’t dry out my skin even in the air conditioner, harsh sun, and dry California weather. The skin literally drinks up the nourishing oil and I have no need to buy moisturizers this winter!


Coolant for Nose Bleeds

A lot of young people get terrible nose bleeds during summer months. Applying a little bit of coconut oil in the nose prevents the membranes in the nostrils from drying excessively and bleeding. It takes about a week for the skin to get used to this therapy but it works great.


Immunity Booster

If you don’t already know cooking with Coconut oil is great for your health. Coconut oil protects the body against diseases like diabetes, heart disease, chronic fatigue, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Alzheimer’s disease, thyroid conditions, energy, and boosting the immune system”. My friends do oil-pulling with coconut oil – they rinse the mouth with a spoon of coconut oil at least once a week drawing out excess bacteria in the mouth. I am yet to try this out!

I don’t recommend any brands of Coconut Oil, but do recommend using only the natural, cold pressed, unadulterated (if that’s even possible in this day and age) organic Coconut oil. If you can get it from a village in Kerala, or some corner of Hawaii, get me a box too!


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