Radhe Maa – The Red-Hot Favorite Godwoman of India

I for one am devastated that Radhe Maa might be indicted by the court and might have to go to jail for trying to extract dowry from a conspiracist. No, I am not a Maa follower, but I am an ardent admirer of her theatrics. Who wouldn’t be? Don’t know Radhe Maa – she is a new-age spiritual leader who has recently made it big in India. Male followers in particular swarm around her like workers bee slave for the Queen Bee. And why not – Radhe Maa is India’s Godly mother, who brings her “A” game to all religious sermons.

For those interested in her history, Radhe Maa aka Sukhvinder Kaur was born in the Hoshiyarpur district of Punjab to devout Sikh parents some 50 years ago. The irony is not lost on me – Hoshiyar translates to deviously sharp or incisive.

With all due respect, Radhe Maa is very much like her protege – Rakhi Sawant. They are both loud, garishly dressed, a weirdly attractive species for Indian men, speak their minds, and are just bindaas (translation – don’t give a damn). But life’s never been easy for an independent Indian women – be it an obscure actress or a Godwoman.

Haters have called Radhe Maa a farce! Well I beg to differ. Radhe Maa is loved by all ages of bizarre Indian men:

  • Anup Jalota – of the persistent sexual harassment and atonal spiritual album fame
  • Subhash Ghai – of the casting couch and Choli-ke-peeche-kya-hai fame
  • Netas from all parties alike – enough said!

If she was such a farce, why would God fearing men, crawl like crabs on a seashore and carry her around on their strong shoulders.

Credit: India TV
Credit: India TV

Haters have also called her Goddess-ly outfits ridiculous and really red! Hell no! Ever seen how the apsaras (translation: Indian fairy or whatever) from heavens dress up like? Ever seen how the Indian Goddess printed on Indian Calendars dress up like? The Goddess adorn stunning jewels, fine silks and evoke religiosity even in the most deviant atheists. 

In fact, it’s impressive how Radhe Maa puts marginal effort in her dressing but is able to captivate her audience with her Godess-ly fashion sense. She knew it all along! Indians are obsessed with the filmi-versions of Gods and Goddesses – remember Ramananda Sagar’s Ramayana and BR Chopra’s Mahabharat? She’s right on trend and the joke’s on you haters!

Lastly there’s been some talk about Radhe Maa trying to extract dowry from some miserable ex-follower! But we in India are total dowry aspirants. That’s why having a son in India is pretty much a guaranteed jackpot! We didn’t become a nation of 700 women to 1000 men just like that. We hate on our little girls, strangle them at birth or abort them – after all, if you could get millions in dowry with a little boy, why the heck would you bother with the nuisance called a girl! That’s just what we Indians have done for centuries. Not sure why the State propaganda machine is singling Radhe Maa out.

All I have to say is that Radhe-Ma is being singled out because she is beautiful, she’s captivating, she’s has a massive religious following, she’s rich and lastly because she’s an independent Indian woman. It indeed is a sad day for Indian women across globe.

I am also sharing some stunning videos and photos of her Godly trance and dance. Enjoy your weekend!

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