Why Salman Khan will walk scot free after Culpable Homicide

Disclaimer – this article has been authored by guest blogger Ekagra Priyadarshi

#SOS #SaveManKind #ReleaseBhai #SaveUsTheBrainHemorrhage

“Ready” on Zee, “Kick” Zee Cinema, “Hum Aapke hain Kaun ” on Zee Classic, ” BodyGuard” on Sony, Dabbang on Colors, “Dabbang 2” on Star Gold, “Jai Ho “on Star Gold HD , “Bandhan” on Filmy. If this was known, even I would have prayed for his acquittal.

Four dud(e)s, a rampaging SUV, a designated driver not driving the SUV, and the maalik (master) having consumed more alcohol required to sedate an entire battalion. Sounds like a typical evening in New Delhi. Our very own “Bhai” – Salman Khan from Mum-bhai, on one fateful night in November 2002 decided to enjoy a drink or two (hundred) at Marriott. He then got behind the wheel of his SUV wondering if alcohol significantly reduces decision making capacity and impacts muscular control. Result – the SUV jumps over a pavement, rams into a bakery 100 yards from his Galaxy apartment, dragging one victim under its chasis and killing him instantly and severely injuring 4 others with as many broken joints and bones as the number of pegs earlier consumed.

Credit: NDTV.com
Credit: The victims family, NDTV.com

“Bhai” as Salman Khan is popularly called, fled from the scene along with his superstar brother Sohail Khan and their pet nightingale of India, Kamal Khan. Remember the shirtless, ripped jeans, rippling muscles showcasing item song from Pyaar Kiya to Darna Kya – Oh Oh Jaane jaana? Yeah, Kamal Khan sang that song.

On that fateful night, Ravindra Patil, a Mumbai Police bodyguard allotted to Bhai, reported Bhai was driving drunk and was warned several times that he needed to slow down. An honest and a rare breed of policemen, Patil testified and a charge-sheet was filed. Bhai made a red carpet entry in the court for 5 minutes where he was granted bail.

And then the investigation began. Mr Patil, the police eyewitness present in the SUV then, magically lost his job and disappeared. He did reappear again but only this time, he was dead! Guess while undergoing investigations he watched Bhai’s movies a few more times than a human brain can handle! Therefore, in the absence of the prime witness the defense began its evil machinations. Bhai wasn’t drunk, Bhai wasn’t behind the wheel, Bhai’s SUV’s tire burst, Bhai hit a stranded crane on the road, Bhai’s blood work wasn’t right, and then the master stroke – Bhai’s father’s driver Ashok Singh was driving the SUV!
Mumbai: Bollywood actor Salman Khan's driver Ashok Singh arrives at session court in Mumbai on Monday in 2002 hit and run case. PTI Photo
Mumbai: Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s driver Ashok Singh arrives at session court in Mumbai on Monday in 2002 hit and run case. PTI Photo

Ideally in a movie court room drama, this sequence would consume a hilarious 10 minutes or so but in Bhai’s case it took a little over 12 years.

Bhai apparently has always been a great human being; he became more charitable post 2007 – 5 years after the crime. A lot can happen in 5 years or maybe the defense lawyers naively suggested he needs selfies clicked with patients of all ages, sex every time he passes through a hospital. That would make a great case for him if it ever came down to contesting a conviction in the higher court.

Salman Khan in last 8 years has donated a whopping 42 crores. His movies during that time have made close to 1,500 crores. His personal net worth is estimated around 880 crores owing to the brand endorsements, dancing at weddings, Dubai and Canada dancing tours, special appearance, and item songs. And he paid out a paltry 19 lakhs to the victims, who are struggling to make ends meet.

Credit: Irish Example

Were Salman such a conscientious human being, wouldn’t he have confessed to his crime? Which kind-hearted, charitable, sensitive person asks a poor driver to take the fall for them?

On the contrary, Bhai has been the poster boy for rich, arrogant and spoilt brats. Bhai has had his share of controversies stuck on him like a middle name. Bhai is well known for harassing Aishwarya Rai by calling her incessantly in a drunken state through nights, and physically abusing her. He threatened to kill Vivek Oberoi. Prior to that, like a true-blood Zameendar (translation: landlord) from the pre-independence era, he went Chinkaara and Black Buck hunting in Rajasthan. Hunting endangered species in the 21st century? May be that’s how the hot-blooded raees-zaadas (translation: rich brats) do it.

Credit: Mid-Day.com
Credit: Mid-Day.com

Visit any popular bar in Mumbai and there will be a story of Salman’s drunken bad-ass behavior with his rowdy friends who first emulate him and then tweet about his greatness, and you will know that there is two sides to Bhai! Bhai has launched careers, Bhai donated money, Bhai stood by another Bhai Sanju Baba when he was accused of borrowing assault weapons from the underworld during Mumbai terror attacks.

People are crying because they feel he’s being targeted with harsh punishment because he is a celebrity. To them, Bhai has been out for 13 years minting money and moved on from Aishwarya to Sneha, to Katrina, to Zarine, to Jacqueline because he is a celebrity. 2.5 lakh under-trials happen in Indian prisons without a case heard for decades, for crimes ranging from stealing Rs. 12 to robbing banks! Bhai and his fans have much to be grateful about.


​People should try applying for an interim bail in the high court and see if they can manage the same 5 minutes after a sessions court has awarded you 5 years of punishment. As if the entire Mumbai High-Court was only waiting for Harish Salve to plea bail for Bhai. A common man would have had great-grand kids before he is given a bail from High-Court in case of a conviction in IPC 304 A.What’s even more hard to digest is the audacity and inhumanity of the Bhai brigade. Maximum punishment in culpable homicide not amounting to murder is 10 years. All his noble deeds taken into account he has already been leniently treated with just 5 years to serve. What did the fans expect? That the Judge would get down thank him for planting false witnesses, lying under oath and then congratulate him on the success of Dabbang 2?

Fans say courts let go of Puru Rajkumar, Sanjeev Nanda, Sidhhu. So my moronic friends, shouldn’t the argument be, its time to revist those cases too and send everyone responsible to jail?

Bhai in all probaility will get a bail or a stay order from the High Court. If not he will be granted bail every two weeks for three months like his other Bhai, Sanjay Dutt in Yerwada jail to complete his commitments.

All of Bollywood took to Galaxy apartments, those who couldn’t, resorted to the 40 character limit on Twitter to extend support to Bhai. Not one bothered to show any signs of humanity to the family of deceased, check if their children and wife could even manage food.

Credit: bollywoodlife.com
Credit: bollywoodlife.com

The celebrity in India have always been arrogant and for once law caught up them. No person should be above law. Politicians in this country are already above it, businessmen are fast becoming a permanent member of that club. The last thing we need is, actors, cricketers, Page 3 socialites, painters, singers, dancers, anyone and everyone with a few crores running amock and making mockery of the legal system.


One thought on “Why Salman Khan will walk scot free after Culpable Homicide

  1. Serious article and Nice punch….on the face of Salman fans like me …but I have to take this chin up…and since he has already the highest paid lawyers in country fighting for him I cannot offer any defence…but the tragic end of Ravindra Patil really shocked me …did he die such a painful death due to his honesty ..what went wrong …If Salman is guilty then people who have helped him illegally are more guilty than him…and in hindsight thanks for EP comments on FB….had he not commented I would have never known the truth about other people’s thoughts regarding me

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