The One Show you Must Watch – Breaking Bad!

I am done watching 5 Seasons of Breaking Bad back-to-back, without really giving my eyes or my rattled brain a break. But I am clearly feeling the pangs of withdrawal that no other social-crime drama has evoked. I zoned out from my surrounding world as Walter White’s existential dilemmas clouded my thoughts ever since. In a way I was glad the show ended because I couldn’t … Continue reading The One Show you Must Watch – Breaking Bad!

Because I am a girl….!

We always wonder how we can make a difference to the lives of others?  What can we contribute for the better future of the next generation?  How can we be involved? With these questions in my mind, I have been trying to understand the complexity of poverty for the past few years.  I am now convinced that it is the gender discrimination in education amongst the poor … Continue reading Because I am a girl….!