Still undecided whom to vote? We have Rakhi Sawant for you..!

No pun intended here! We love Rakhi Sawant. Over the years she has managed to surprise  us with her “nautanki” or antics. This time, she is contesting for Lok Sabha elections in Mumbai North-West constituency. Needless to say, our gossip-monger media folks have gone berserk around her. No wonder, in no time, our Rakhi has managed to be amongst the top five high-profile women candidates in Mumbai.

Be it her  “Mother India” look or her “Raja Babu” avtar, her debates, or her promises (read: roads of her constituency would be smoother than Katrina Kaif’s waist),  whatever she does, we are all enjoying. We laugh seeing how she has managed to make a mockery of Indian politics.

Picture Source: Bollywood Life
Picture Source: NDTV News

But if we think deeper, we wonder if it is Rakhi Sawant or  those politicians who have done so. Just recently, a seasoned politician Mulayam Singh Yadav declared that rape is just a mistake because boys are boys. This is coming from the head of Uttar Pradesh Government- the state that has the maximum number of crimes and violence against women. When the leader himself is promoting rapes by stating boys are boys, then why should not I go for Rakhi Sawant, who is at least going around with a slogan “desh hoga tab mahan, nari ka hoga jab samman” (no country can prosper unless you respect women)

Photo source: NDTV News

Even if we forget Mr. Yadav and his remarks for a second, and look at other leaders, it is equally scary. We have our prince Rahul Baba, whose is entitled to become the Prime Minister of India just because he is born with that silver, gold or diamond spoon (he belongs to Gandhi-Nehru dynasty). It does not matter if our Rahul Baba does not even know the basic ABC of politics.  If you are in politics, Rule No. 1 is, at least “pretend” that you care for the poor. You do not need to do anything, but at least say you are there to reduce poverty. Baba appears out of nowhere and openly mocks the poor by saying , “Poverty is the state of mind.” Phew…! And he is the face of Congress Party..!!

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Then we have our Terror Boss Mr. Modi as the face of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Even his strongest supporters agree that he  has a polarizing figure, and a dictatorial way of governing. Thus, it is still a scary thought that in a country like India where so many religions and cultures coexist, what it is to have a leader with such a divisive personality.

Photo source: Time Magazine

And when we thought we saw the light in the tunnel as Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal emerged as the winner, in no time, he started showing his stunts. First, he became the chief minister of Delhi, then he protested against his own government, slapped lawsuits, and resigned his chief minister post within six months. His supporters called him “a man with guts”.  Perhaps he is rooting for the PM ki kurshi, and there is no harm in it. Still, we Aam Aadmi hear more about someone slapping him and him forgiving his offender than his policies and plans. Recently, a man slapped him, he forgave him (in front of all media folks), and overnight, the man who slapped him became his bhaktKalyug ki Bhagwan Rama..! Shri Arvind Kerjiwal ki Jai Ho!

Photo Source: IBN Live

Of course, we have didis, bhaiyas, dadas and ammas. In the south, Empress Jayalaitha and her arch-enemy immortal Karunanidhi  have been at loggerheads for eternity now. One sends the other to the jail, the other comes back, and the latter sends the former to the jail, and …….it goes on.  Over the years, their rivalry has become more personal, and because of their ugly spat and mutual victimization, public has suffered.

Picture Source: Outlook India

Then in Bengal, we have Mamta Didi, who reminds us of Mr. Bachchan’s “angry young man” avtar all the time. Dare to say anything, and you will hear “Arrest him! He is a Maoist.” Either you are with her or with the Maoist- there is no middle ground. She did not even spare a poor farmer who dared to question her in one of those rallies.

Photo source: Deccan Chronicle

Then we have our favorite Mayawati- a Dalit woman who ruled the state of Uttar Pradesh- the state where the problem of caste oppression and women discrimination still exist. Alas! She is more focused on building several statues of herself using public funding in the name of Dalit oppression than serving the poor Dalits.  Once in UP village, a Dalit man expressed, “Those grand statues do not give us food.”  Phew!

Photo source: Rediff

These are our leaders, and when we are left wondering whom to choose, it is natural to feel Rakhi looking better than most of these politicians. Voting for Ms. Sawant could be the most uproarious idea, but fairly speaking, her candidacy still looks much better than many of those callous criminals contesting in this election.

On a serious note, let us take politics more seriously and let us vote. And more important, let us first find out if the candidates contesting in our constituency have any criminal case or not. In the 2009 general elections, almost 30% of elected representatives had pending criminal cases against them. Some of them had serious crimes such as murder, kidnapping, and rape. We can now easily find out about our local candidates looking at this affidavit published by the Election Commission of India. We also have “My Neta SMS” campaign (brochure below). Check who your local leader is, and vote accordingly.



3 thoughts on “Still undecided whom to vote? We have Rakhi Sawant for you..!

  1. Is Rakhi really wearing green chilli earings?? OK, will set aside the frivolous bit of fashion policing…. too much is resting on the results with less than ideal choices. While I can’t participate in the process am naturally concerned about the outcome!!

  2. Relax..I am not voting for the party you dread.just to make you happy….however a bit of introspection is required …from all of us…the intellectual people from TN vote for parties who have made anti-Hindi their campaign plank…In UP the caste and communal politics is a mere reflection of the societal reality though the elephant has proved to be better in administration than the cycle or lotus …..yet we all know who is in power…. the new govt. is 100 times better than the old one in Bengal which threw the state in a culture of underdevelopment…we all vote based on our vested interests and perception….a fair judge or selfless we never are… many supporters of your Harishchandra could be honest or fair you may get an idea of if you interact with one of your colleagues who was born and brought up in Delhi…my choice and conviction is based on facts but I face incredible opposition ….I would wait for a day when we will AGREE on one thing…maybe when write something on finances or stock markets

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