Women’s empowerment|In conversation with Mudita Tiwari

The Human Lens

Mudita Tiwari was born in India and has an extensive career of working in the international development, research design and program management. She has worked extensively within India on Financial Literacy, Financial Inclusion, microfinance, agricultural financing and informal and formal banking. Prior to working in India, she worked as a global health researcher, and private and public sector business analyst in the US. Currently, she is overlooking the “The Sewing Project” in India.

Saadia Haq: You have been working with grass-roots NGOs working on financial inclusion and education of women in India. Tell us how did you start working on women rights issues, what prompted you?

Mudita Tiwari: In India nearly 40% of the population has no access to formal banking and a large portion of women are left out of the financial inclusion initiatives because of sociocultural reasons. In certain conservative sections of the country, women are mostly…

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