Jai Ho Movie Review

Sallu I love you!”, a 40-year old lady screamed in the theater with half a dozen dudes whistling as Salman Khan enters the screen. The movie went on with more jeering and laughing at dialogs! “Salman rocks yaar!  He’s the best!  Love you Salmaaan…maarry me!!!!“, screams another younger lady!  “Really? These stunts are entertaining? Teach these idiot fans some physics”. The only voice of reason was shusssshhhhed quickly!  And the 2.5 hrs odd long movie “Jai Ho” went on!

No matter what you say about Jai Ho, it’s a winner! NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY – a movie without substance, Salman Bhai’s most pudgy appearance, or unimaginative gore-fest!

Without giving the plot away, the movie is about the Aam Admi (not to be confused with Arvind Kejriwal) trying to pay good actions forward, hence master-minding a revolution of kindness for the entire world!  The idea is simple – if someone shows you a random act of kindness, you pay it forward to three people. The 3 people pass on the ‘act of kindness’ to three more each. A multiplier effect on millions snowballing into a mass junta movement of goodness! Voilà! Who needs the UN Peacekeepers! Audience left the theater saying Salman Bhai was promoting the message of peace, brotherhood and niceness.

Intellectuals might cry all they want – the movie a rendition of the Telugu movie “Stalin”, which in turn was a rendition of the Hollywood movie “Pay It Forward”. Well when you make a copy of a copy of a copy…things get blurry and messy! But that doesn’t blur the sentiments of Salman Bhai’s fans, who will take dissenters down and out on a pavement with no apparent influence of alcohol.

Wanna see evidence from real fans…it’s more entertaining than the movie!

The movie has been termed as the best movie by Salman Bhai thus far! We predict the movie will cross the 500 crore mark (USD 80 million) washing out other recent entertainers such as Dhoom 3, Chennai Express! Reason is simple, Salman Bhai is a superstar and the public couldn’t care less about how Bhai can fly and kick millions of corrupt politicians and ruffians to the ground.

Don’t ask too many questions and just leave your brain outside the theater…you might love the movie too!

We must add the newcomer Daisy didn’t have much to do but did try and hold on her own, and she knows how to groove to the tunes. And of course who doesn’t love the grand ole’ Danny Denzongpa?


2 thoughts on “Jai Ho Movie Review

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