Exercises for lazies and for entertainment

Is your New Year Resolution to shed those extra pounds that you have gained during Holiday Seasons? And are you one of them who hates going to gyms? Trust us, you are not alone.

Our festival celebration here in India started in October. Dusherra, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year celebrations, and today when I come back to my normal world, my weighing machine suggests that I have gained 9 pounds (4 kg) …! So trust me, you are not alone who gained those extra pounds …!

But don’t we hate going to a gym? I have personally paid hefty amounts for annual gym membership, yet, I have not managed to continue beyond two weeks.  Being a lazy soul, I actually get depressed thinking of going anywhere close to those cardio machines. However, good news is, we live in the world of “You Tube”, and there are thousands of home-based exercises which we can follow any time. Bad news is most of those exercises are plain boring. They are demonstrated by those fit and sexy trainers, but those trainers lack presentation skills. Either I am too jealous of their lean and toned body (which they flaunt mercilessly), or they are more focused on showing off their body than teaching (obviously they have put on a lot of time and effort to get where they are, so they are entitled to flaunt their body) – whatever the reason is- I just cannot connect with them.

So when we cannot connect with a trainer, what other ways are there to exercise?  We need a trainer who empathizes with our laziness, and soothingly pushes us to exercise (literally they have to sing a lullaby to make us exercise). After browsing for millions of hours, and trying and rejecting thousands of videos, I have at last found five videos that are made for people like us. Here is my list.

1. Hate cardio and sweating? Join my club and start doing Pilates. I learnt my Pilates moves from the videos of Mari Winsor. You will find millions of Pilates videos in you tube- but trust me, all of their steps are the poor version of the steps of Mari Winsor.  For me, Mari Winsor’s voice is soothing and encouraging (like a grandmother and she is a grandmother, just happens to be fit one!). When you are following her steps, somehow you feel, she is talking with you, and it just encourages you to complete her steps. She provides different levels of Pilates, but if you are new to Pilates, start with her 20 minutes workout. She specifically designed these steps for beginners. Once you get comfortable with these steps, move to her other videos. All of her videos are online (in case if you are not able to find the links, leave us a comment)

2. Ballet in the room I recently came across another trainer Jessica Smith. She has a series of videos, but I personally find her video on “ballet exercise” very good. You are sweating, and as you are doing ballet, you are also feeling beautiful. Nothing can be better than that.  I suggest you to go for this session once you are comfortable with Winsor Pilates, but it requires some level of flexibility to follow those steps.

3. Have you heard about those crazy PX90 exercises? As much as I love the trainer Tony Horton, but PX90 is just not for me. It is too insanely intense. Though, I need to mention about Tony’s Ab Ripper exercise. He has 11 moves, and each move has 25 reps. You do not have to do every move 25 times (I initially started with 25, with miserable ab pain, so do all 25 eventually). Start with 8, 10, 12 and gradually move forward. His moves are extremely effective, and in no time you will see the difference (I am not exaggerating). But as Tony says in the beginning “I hate it but I love it”- these exercises are tough and after 5-6 moves, you probably find yourself not able to move forward. I manage to do 7 moves with 15 reps. After 7th move, I just stop (still I see the difference whenever I follow his moves). So friends, try it- but try it slowly!

4. Baba Ramdev’s Yoga – Everybody is talking about Yoga today! There are thousands of yoga demonstration on YouTube, and trust me, there are plain boring and not “yoga” in real sense. If you want an authentic yoga (not Westernized, which is more of Pilates/ Stretches than Yoga), then try videos of Baba Ramdev. Baba Ramdev is the one who brought “Yoga revolution” in India in the past decade and helped many in India realize the importance of exercise particularly yoga. Alas! today Baba has decided to join politics, and we have lost a good yoga teacher. Nonetheless, his videos are online. This particular video is in English and the moves are effective.

5. And last but not the least- how about belly dancing to feel sexy? Try this one done by twins Neena and Veena. It is quite simple, sexy and fulfilling. Obviously I can never be like them or dance like them, but just to follow their steps make me feel great.  Try once, you will love it

So my friends, there’s no real need to join the gym. Just find a corner in your house, manage to allot half an hour for your workouts, and do it passionately. Trust me, these exercises wont be effective if you do not love what you are doing. Keep changing the exercises, or else you might get bored doing the same stuff again and again.

And have a healthy diet plan. Don’t go for a crash diet. I did that in the past, and I ended up messing up with my skin. I am still recovering from my skin damage; I have realized that skipping meals to lose weight is not sustainable. And it is not healthy as you lose the charm of your beautiful face. Try to skip greasy food. I understand it is next to impossible to say NO to those French Fries or Cheesy Pizza. After all, life is short and we should eat what we love. But portion control is critical. Somebody told me to count 100 before swallowing greasy good (French Fries). That way you eat less, and you enjoy the flavor of the food also. Personally, I can’t count 100 – but gradually I have learnt to say control the quantity of junk food in put in my body…afterall it is junk…! Make a habit of counting Calories for a month, and after some time, knowingly or unknowingly, you will learn to say NO to greasy food! There is a lot of free abs for counting calories. I personally love myfitnesspal.com. Try it!

So my friends, good luck with losing those extra pounds..! I am ready, are you?

15 thoughts on “Exercises for lazies and for entertainment

  1. just a correction…I did not say that you don’t conduct quality research …the standards are quite high and I learnt to appreciate about quality of data in your organization…the rest of comments are from my experience …ask L,D,B and P how much time they contributed in field vis a vis their male colleagues …but I never mentioned anything regarding behavior …and I never have any deep and dark place …whats in my mind in on my mouth sooner or later….having said that I reiterate that your group deserves its success and appreciation ….

    1. Thanks Brijesh! It seems like you have a problem with women researchers in general. I request you to kindly keep your comments respectful because this blog is not the place for you to express your displeasure with your ex-female colleagues.

    2. Hi Brajesh,

      Thank you for your comments! I am sure you understand constraints women face going to any place in remote parts of India. I am sure you know about the safety issues..! Yet we do go to the field. I as a female researcher spent half of my year in the field last year, and I personally know what it is to be a female researcher in the remote areas of Haryana or Bihar.. !! But we do it.we love doing it… at the same time- we also manage to get time to write about staying fit , remain healthy, be more spiritual and take life positively..( I am hurt to see that our male colleagues actually think we will lose weight if we go to the field)

      Pls do have some compassion and stay positive..!

      1. I apologize for any hurt caused .and thank you for guiding my thoughts in a positive direction….It was any intentional and I must reiterate that I do not have any disrespect for any ex-colleague

  2. ok this is the last comment on your blog before u block me from here as well (such is the price of truthfulness) and i write this with regret..the best way for glamorous researchers like y’all to lose weight is to spent time in the field and contribute to the quality of data and intervention…unfortunately it’s never going so all these methods are well suggested

    1. Hello! No reason to ban your comment or block it. I am glad you think we are glamorous researchers! So I will take that as a compliment. The part that you assume that we don’t spend time on the field or we conduct quality research or need to behave in whatever way seems sensible to you, seems to be arising out of a deep and dark place – I strongly suggest you explore 🙂

  3. Well- I religiously followed myfitnesspal.com for a month! That one month was crazy but much needed. I now know calories of every food in my mind..:-). I suggest you to follow it religiously for 2-weeks. It helped me shed 10 pounds then (and I was not even exercising. By just giving up “bad food”, I lost 10 pounds.

  4. Knowing what should do and actually doing it are two different matters completely!

    Thanks for this list and yup – tried using MyFitnessPal – and if you are honest, it keeps you on track. Alas something went wonky with the setup on my replacement phone so stopped using.

    1. So Deepti had real success with MyFitneesPal and I really got tired of entering all the details and eventually gave up. I think using it for about a month really helps you be on track. Consistency in exercising always helps…which I am really struggling with right now! Really hoping I have more determination in 2014 🙂

      1. You and me both! With all my travels, yummy Indonesian khanna and gym avoidance, managed to pack on even more kilos than you. Funny thing about middle age – metabolism changes and can’t blithely carry on the way you did 20 years ago without blimping consequences. Good luck to you!!

      2. Deepti, the other thing you suggested does seem to work for ladies too – drinking hot / warm water all the time. Apparently Deepak Chopra suggested it too. But oh, it’s too hot in India to drink hot water all the time. Totally agree with metabolism issue. I am still carrying the extra 30 post pregnancy pounds and no matter what I do, they don’t wanna budge! Uhh, good luck ladies!

      3. Oh yes- hot water! Thanks for reminding Mudita! Drinking hot water helps a lot. But I also learnt one should not drink too much of hot water, esp in Summer. That affects your skin. After my skin fiasco, I have reduced drinking hot water. But you are right, if you drink hot water before sleeping- I can guarantee that you will lose some weight :-).

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