Thanks for the Gift of your Support!

Dear Friends,

A very happy New Year to you and your loved ones from Vida Manejo!  Heartfelt thanks for your support and kind words of encouragement. We started this blog in August of 2013, with a desire to share entertaining stories from our life and travel experiences. Thanks for allowing us that opportunity!

We are in awe – 8,500+ hits in 5 months, with 36 posts in all, with readers from all corners of the world.  We wanted to share quick highlights from Vida.

Top 5 posts:

  1. When I was molested – We connected with you at such a personal level with this story as we grieved with the world about the pain, abuse, harassment and violence women around the world face.
  2. Victims of the Jealous Wife – We have been guilty of the same, but it’s always a helpful reminder that the “ghost” of jealously helps no woman!
  3. 5 reasons to watch the “New Mahabharata” Today – We loved the old and currently love the new Mahabharata. It’s a treat and we strongly recommend watching the Epic Indian Saga.
  4. Bollywood Item Song or Regressive Pornography? – We have to admit, we are not feeling the entire Item Song trend in Bollywood and maintain that it’s not helping misconceptions about women in the Indian society.
  5. Fasting for Husbands, the Feminist Way – Who says our grandmothers cannot teach us a thing or two about modern feminism?

We also want to thank our fellow bloggers for taking time to comment on our posts.  Special thanks to Everyday Adventures in Asia (mostly) for nominating us for the Dragon Loyalty Award.  We are honored, and will announce our own nominations for the most supportive and loyal readers / bloggers.  So keep on reading and pass along the cheer!

Have a wonderful New Year!

3 thoughts on “Thanks for the Gift of your Support!

    1. Oh we should be the ones saying thanks. Good luck with all your travels and adventures. I am back in California and miss India so much already! It’s a country that gives you ample reasons for blogging 🙂

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