Dhoom 3 – Movie Review

Abhishek Bachchan famously and jealously said that Dhoom was his film and no one can take that way from him. Nothing can be further than the truth, no matter how much he frets about it in the media. Dhoom 3 is Aamir Khan’s movie and Aamir does not disappoint his fans. He plays a ruthless, yet lovable mastermind thief. He makes you laugh, and he makes you cry. The child actor playing Aamir deserves a special mention. The movie starts with Aamir and ends with him. If Aamir is the anti-hero of the movie, Aamir is also the hero! Without giving the plot away, the movie is all about Aamir versus Aamir and he excels brilliantly.

This clearly isn’t Aamir’s best performance, but again, Dhoom is not about the content, it is more about style and attitude. He is not a hunk like John Abrahim and Hrithik Roshan, but plays a shrewd thief with real fervor and emerges the coolest thief in the entire Dhoom series. Expect logic holes though, especially around the specifics of the heist; for example, we would really like to know about how Aamir really managed to steal money from banks.

Credit: www.yashrajfilms.com
Credit: http://www.yashrajfilms.com

Of course, adventurous viewers will love the super-cool bikes and and sexy women, which is a must-have in all Dhoom series. You have the BIKE that can fly, swim and what not, and then you have Katrina Kaif who beats all Dhoom girls when it comes to shedding her clothes, and looking sexy.

Katrina comes, dances and disappears. Unfortunately for her, and fortunately for her viewers, the lady didn’t have much to act. Story goes that Aamir Khan the perfectionist had her scenes deleted and Katrina was pretty miffed. While she looks sexier than ever, her expressions and acting ability have not improved between Boom and Dhoom. Sadly, her contemporaries like Deepika have already established their mark for their acting abilities, while Katrina continues to be the talk of the town for her personal link-ups! Dhoom 3 doesn’t change that reality one bit, and as instructed by Mr. Producer – Aditya Chopra, she puts on glittery swimsuits and dances sexily hanging by a  “rope”. We must add that she looked mighty fine in the Dhoom anthem though!

Lastly, you have the fossils of the movie – Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra. Ok, we will say it, Mr. Aditya Chopra please make them disappear from the series already! We can gurantee that nobody will miss them because It is next to impossible to watch two unfit, uninterested and insecure actors playing the role of world’s top-class cops and bikers.  Every time Jr. Bachchan appeared; people were yawning, gasping and waiting for the next scene. Even the bike-chasing scenes got monotonous and forced after a while. If only Mr.Acharya (Director) had used his brain to steal one or two heist scenes from Oceans Franchise!

So basically, thank heavens for Aamir in the movie, no matter what Abhishek and Uday say!

Our verdict: A must watch for Aamir fans!

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