Krrish 3 Movie Review – Save your money!

It’s the extended Diwali weekend, and you may be tempted to watch Krishh 3, the 3rd in trilogy in Krrish Movies! With the ticket prices nearly INR 300+, I’d say tread with caution. But then again, if you enjoyed Shaktiman – India’s first superhero, this is just your kinda movie.

While the promos didn’t seem entirely convincing, I still believed the Taran Darshan’s, Madhureeta Mukherjee, Sarita Tanwar’s, who gave the movie a 3+/5. The worst review said the movie was unoriginal, but that was incorrect – the movie was “inspired” by Hollywood super-hero movies and was reduced to an uninspiring East-West mess-up, where mutants are called “MANWARS” (Manav (humans) and Janwars (animals))…yikes!

There is some saving grace – A great VFX and CGI usage, Hrithik Roshan’s bare torso, Kangana Ranawat’s sincere attempt at looking like a fit-menacing Manwar, Vivek Oberoi’s appearance as pretty menacing Willie Wonka inspired Manwar lord, and the super-short and forgettable stint by Pee-Cee!

Everything else is just plain wrong about the movie!  Let me tell you why:

  1. Beauty without brains – Hrithik looks mighty fine as Krrish the superhero. His abs look like they are painted on a slab of concrete, he’s that fit. Pee-Cee looked great in the Raghupati Raghav Rajaram song, which clearly was an ode to her arch-rival Kareena! But the plot is clichéd as just any other super-man movie with loads of Bollywood melodrama!

  2. The dialogs transport you to 1980s – remember the “main teri dushamn, dushamn tu mera”(translate: I am your enemy and you are mine) from Nagina in the 1980s? Krrish 3 will transport you back to 1980s when the dialogs were filmy, lame and plain senseless. Here’s a sample…Pee-Cee says “Krrish ek soch hain jise koi kaal nahi maar sakta” (translate – Krrish is a thought that no time can kill!); Kangana says “Alag, anokhi, adbud hoon main, kyunki mera koi ateet nahin” (translate: Different, unique, and strange, I am all that because I have no past…err?); menacing Vivek says “Logon ko thoda marne do; aur zyaada darne do” (translate: Let people die a little more, let them get scared a little more!); Vivek also says “Is vansh ka koi ansh nahin rehne doonga main” (translate: I won’t let a single piece of this ancestry survive!)Trust me, it’s brain hernia! And guess what the vat of deadly virus that Krrish is trying to protect us from is called? You guessed it – it’s neatly labeled “VIRUS”! The lesser said about the dialog and the plot, the better!
  3. God Allah aur Bhagwan – This song made me cry. No they weren’t tears inspired by communal harmony, but from fear that some political party might pick it up as their election slogan for 2014. This song must be banned immediately!

  4. A little more than just innocent “inspiration” – If Vivek in a wheelchair doing all kinds telekinesis reminds you of Professor Xavier from X-Men , Kangana in a her hot bodysuit reminds of you of Mistique from X-Men, Vivek reminds you of a steel Iron-Man (with crotch not covered might I add) you are not alone! The only things worse about the attempted copy-pasting of Hollywood movies are the terrible dialog and the dated music!

    Credit: IBNLive
    Credit: IBNLive

Some might disagree with me saying its India’s attempt at a true superhero movie…well that was Ra.One and was just as big a disaster. Didn’t think I’d admit to this, but I enjoyed Akshay Kumar and troop’s Boss way more!

One thought on “Krrish 3 Movie Review – Save your money!

  1. Absolutely pathetic review. Especially about the dialogues part, you are plain wrong. The dialogues are correct to convey emotion and emphasis.

    “Krrish ke soch hai..” this dialogue conveys that Krrish represents good, and evil can never crush good entirely. What’s wrong with that?

    “Logo ko thoda marne do…” Honestly, I didn’t think anything wrong about it. This short dialogue neatly summarizes Kaal’s strategy to earn billions and pump the money into his research.

    “God Allah aur Bhagwan” are you childish? Your review of this song hardly had any meaning at all. Even if a political party uses it as a slogan, people are smart enough to catch it.

    Stop calling it a “Hollywood copy”. Can you design a better costume? Sci-fi is not something over which America has intellectual property rights. It’s an “international” concept. Just because the US produces maximum number of sci-fi films doesn’t mean they own the genre.

    Do you have a term better than “Maanvar”? Kindly don’t demean something that hardly matters.

    So, to summarize my comment, for which you would most likely be thankful, go get a life.

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