5 reasons to fly ONLY Air India!

When the senior managers from Tata Services Ltd, Skoda Auto India, and Godrej suggest that Air India is on top of it’s game, you’ve got to believe them. I was no different, after all accomplished and well-traveled CEOs wouldn’t lie to us with a straight face. And I must say, after my recent experience with Air India I not only endorse the ad, but I will also give you 5 reasons why you should fly ONLY with Air India. In fact, I am convinced that those who fly Air India are adventurous and brave souls. If you identify with any of the following, AIR INDIA is for you my friend!

  1. Do you love spending the entire day in the airport because you love watching flights taking off and landing? Well then Air India is just for you!  With no concept of on-time departures, you will be blessed with the opportunity of being stranded on the airport for hours, and watching international and national flights take off…but of course not Air India flights!
  2. You love anything that is “free”! After all, Air India gives you “free” food. It doesn’t matter if you are even served free “worm” sandwich, or the flight gets cancelled. In fact you prefer cancellations, because you see it as yet another opportunity to gorge on free food.  Air India lovers already know that if a cancellation happens, Air India will try to buy your goodwill by giving you more free food!  [Here’s evidence, when the Delhi Chennai flight was cancelled, we got this plate of food after being herded like goats in the “Delhi Daredevil’s Bar”.]
  3. Being yelled at by air-hostesses the age of your mommy reminds you of your fondest childhood memories. Well I definitely don’t blame them poor air hostesses. Poor souls have to deal with angry, snarky passengers every day. Most certainly, it is your mistake for asking too many questions or standing aimlessly in aisles or asking for water repeatedly.
  4. You love drama, particularly unexpected eruption of pilot-management drama that leaves passengers stranded. Our pilot once got so upset with the management that he refused to fly the plane until some poor Air-India manager apologized! We were left stranded on the tarmac for 2 hours while the inter-personal fight was sorted out! What did passengers do – nothing really! We just watched in dismay as we promised ourselves we wouldn’t fall for this crap again!
  5. You love to deal with danger. The FAA has slammed the airlines for it’s safety record, but so what! Life happens once and you really wanna take adventure to a “deadly” level!

AIR INDIA fans…Have a Safe Flight!

5 thoughts on “5 reasons to fly ONLY Air India!

  1. I was in splits with this one! Initially thought – she has GOT to be kidding?? Fly Air India by choice??? Til I read further and further and went from giggle to straight out gaffaw. Sad but true – Air India is really quite appallingly bad.

    These days I’ve gotten ‘up close and personal’ with Garuda Indonesia which proudly calls itself the “Most improved airline”?? It makes one wonder… what were they like earlier??

    Love your posts – keep em coming. 🙂

    1. You know I still cannot believe I continue taking a chance on air India. And I am always surprised at their consistency of screw ups!

      Thanks so much for your encouraging words! Congratulations on blogging for 1.5 years!

      1. I gave up decades ago on Air India and only fly it under duress! How oh how do you let yourself get suckered again into trying??

        Thanks for the congrats – only 6 months however looking forward to the 1.5 year milestone too!

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