Rahul Baba’s Ordinance NONSENSE!

Credit: Rediff

Recently, the Un-Progressive Alliance (UPA) India, headed by Congress issued the controversial and shameless ordinance to save their star performer MPs and MLAs with criminal records so they can contest in the next election. While Aam Admi like you and I were scratching our heads wondering, how foolish the Government thinks we are, our hero, our savior, our Rahul Baba came out of the  poster and brutally ripped the ordinance by saying exactly what we wanted to hear, “Ordinance is complete nonsense.”

Before we start shouting “Rahul baba ki Jai ho”, let us express our utter disgust towards UPA for trying to pass such an ordinance.  How they dared to pass such an ordinance is beyond our imagination. It is clear that the Congress is desperate to bring some corrupted leaders such as Lalu Prasad Yadav in their side to win the election in 2014. While oldies of Congress party still play from 60 year ago (devised by likes of Nehru and Indira Gandhi),  these shameless politicians forget that we live in the world of technology and information. We are frustrated with corruption and we are desperate due to ever increasing price of onions. The ordinance, for an obvious reason, was in a flux due to huge lack of political consensus and public protest.

Now, back to our Rahul Baba! While we were ridiculing and protesting such a shameless ordinance of the Congress Party, and Mr. President discussing with three ministers (home, law and parliamentary affairs) to raise questions over the need for an ordinance, our Baba stormed into the meet-the-press programme of Ajay Maken (Congress general secretary) in style. We have to admit that Baba reminded us of Amitabh Bachchan’s “risteh mein toh hum tumhare baap lagtah hain” dialogue when he announced, “Press walloh! I am not taking any  question from you guys (Baba can’t reply saala). I asked Maken about what was happening and he gave me a political line about the ordinance that everyone will give you. The Congress will give you, the BJP will give you. Now, I will tell you what my opinion is on the ordinance. It is complete nonsense, it should be torn up and thrown away.”, and then he disappeared.  DAAANGGGGG TADAANNNGGGGGG…. As we were back to our “scratching our head” mode, our Maken ji came running and informed,  “Rahul ji’s opinion is the opinion and the line of Congress. Now Congress party is opposed to this ordinance.” WHAT THE HELL?

Credit: PTI
Credit: PTI

Let us be fair. We do give some credit to Rahul Baba for saying it. But, common, what the hell was Rahul Baba doing all these times when Congress leaders were busy issuing this ordinance? Do they want us to believe that Rahul Baba did not know what was going on before? For God’s sake, Rahul Baba is the second most powerful man in Congress party- yet- when he was so against it- why did the party support the ordinance before? Does this mean that no one listens to the most powerful man in Congress party because he is so weak?

Do not call us cynical, but does not this sudden appearance of youth leader Rahul Gandhi look more like a PR strategy to make him look like a hero? For God’s sake, growth rate in this country is declining and inflation is only going up. When will Congress stop architecting all these dramas? This new drama of showcasing that only Rahul Baba can fight corruption within the party is ridiculously a failed attempt by the PR machine of Congress. At least this drama unfolds one truth that Congress is full of corrupt politicians and Congress leaders openly agree about it.

So, what do we learn from this political act? Rahul Baba can get rid of this old establishment of corrupted Congress leaders, he will start new, and take us to the pathway to heaven. And folks, do not be surprised seeing our Rahul Baba joining the hands of Anna Hazare and Kiran Bedi and protesting Man-Mohan-Sign Government very soon. And what will our Mr Prime Minister do? He will do what he has been doing for last several years. Keep quiet and listen to Sonia Madame.

Lastly, we are very sad and shocked about the dirtiest of Congress tactic; Priyanka Gandhi has been forced to transform into Katrina Kaif to garner votes from Chikni Chameli lovers!

Credit: www.wikipedia.org
Credit: http://www.wikipedia.org

4 thoughts on “Rahul Baba’s Ordinance NONSENSE!

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  2. This is a brilliant analysis of the events that unfolded during the course of the day. Besides being meticulously analysed , i hope this great effort help people see through the entire facade.

    Stupendous work, keep them coming loud and strong ….!!! A huge fan of your blogs !!

    1. Many thanks for your support and kind words. You are a wonderful writer yourself and we are very glad that you enjoy our blogs. Any suggestions for improvements are highly appreciated.

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