Child Trafficking – Stories will break your heart!


According to the International Labor Organization, 2012, it is estimated that 20.9 MILLION people are enslaved today – 4.5 MILLION enslaved in sex exploitation! You know the average price for a child slave sold in a brothel – around $72.00! Human slavery is not just a developing world problem, it exists everywhere from Americas to Europe.

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We recently read about, an organization that provides a home to children saved from sex trafficking. The stories Love146 has shared will break your heart! We wanted to share this video with you, please take a moment to spread the word about child sex trafficking, and human slavery!

If you want to support the cause, report trafficking, or even help fund-raise, please visit:

If you want to read more, understand more about human trafficking, Love146 has recommendations:


3 thoughts on “Child Trafficking – Stories will break your heart!

  1. This subject gives me the immense pain. How can a human being do something like this to another human being? I think what is worse for most of the rescued girls is society’s inability to accept them. Some girls that my mother worked with shared that when they get back and when they see society’s attitude towards them, that hurt the most. Many times , parents do not accept them. And even if they want to live a decent living, many times, they do not get jobs. It is difficult for the girls even if they manage to come out. Such a harsh world we live in..!

  2. I just hope some organisation in India is also working towards this. We so need to help these kids to come out of the trauma they go through. This is so sad that these children fall into these things sometimes unknowingly and sometimes forcibly… and here comes again poverty being one of the reasons..

    1. Hi Anushree,

      I think it’s a very valid point you bring up. We will indeed do our due diligence and post names of reputed organizations within India that work on these issues. Thanks!

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