Woman, if you get raped it’s your fault!

Yes, you heard it, if you get raped its your fault – it was either your dressing, your late night activities, your late night work schedule…and oh! remember if you are married, you cannot get raped! Nope it’s got nothing to do with misogyny embedded in the culture, or a learned behavior from an early age, or laws that no one cares to follow, or a man’s desire to control a woman! You don’t believe us – well then believe Kalki Koechlin – a big up for marrying Anurag Kashyap and creating this thought provoking video!


4 thoughts on “Woman, if you get raped it’s your fault!

      1. I was gagraped a long time ago and treated like a slut,not like a mother and wife.I had hoped the attitudes had changed by today,sad it is still with us.

      2. I have no words to express the pain those words evoke. I am sorry you had to go through this, in fact as citizens of any country our heads should hang in shame that these incidents happen so blatantly around all corners of the world. We had a long discussion about this video we posted on the blog – our biggest concern is what if people actually don’t get the sarcasm behind it? Honestly we are so far away from being civilized in the truest sense. And sadly it’s women and children that bear the brunt of it. Thank you so much for sharing!

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