Work Etiquette – A woman’s survival guide to emotional work situations!

(DISCLAIMER: We are not career advisers, but working women. You can take our advice or leave it; just don’t sue us)


I gotta say ladies, women have it hard at work. I think there are way more labels for a woman at work, than there are for men (sorry not being sexist, just our opinion). We are either labelled too emotional, too soft, too aggressive, too docile, too loud, too pushy, too bossy…oh the list continues. We ourselves have navigated these situations that arise from our own misconceptions and some due to meanies around us.


Lately, we have tried to introspect a bit and determine how we can handle ourselves better at work. We are learning ourselves…but when we have applied these guidelines in our lives…they do work!


Here are our tips:

1. Find your Zen – Sometimes you want say the meanest and nastiest things to someone totally messing with with your zen. But don’t! Work to get your zen back. If the “breathe-in-breathe-out technique” doesn’t work, just unplug from the world and take a walk. Meaning, log off ALL SOCIAL MEDIA / ELECTRONIC GADGETS, just UNPLUG. The more accessible you are to these outlets, the more you will rant.

2. Never complain about your work – One of the best advise my lady boss gave me, don’t complain about your work. Keep your opinions about issues related to the task at hand to yourself and get the job done. Once you are perceived as a whiner…that’s what you become – a whiner!

3. Anger messes our karma  – Unkind words said in anger make you look negative, bitter and plain unreasonable. Taking crap about others needlessly adds to our “bad” work karma. So don’t indulge in idle gossip – it makes you look like a bad worker. Work is work, keep the boundaries clear.

4. Don’t bitzzz with your boss – We get comfortable at work and often lash out at the world with our bosses. No! Never do that. It will come back and bite you where it hurts! Bosses never forget, especially during the evaluation time.

5. Find confidants – If you have to bitzzzz, find loyal people who won’t rat you out. We have to get things off our minds and hearts. Don’t do it with everyone…do it only with few people in your trusted circle.

6. Stand up for yourself – Sometimes, if others are just being downright jerks, you gotta put those professional boundaries up and say you will not tolerate unprofessional behavior. No one wants to be known as – “unprofessional”. Don’t be afraid to use the label for the big time meanies!

7. The Universe says…what goes around comes around – We promise you this is true! The universe sets it right and try it yourself and tell us if it works! Here are the steps – (1) you gotta let go of all the negativity against meanies and just back off; (2) lay low and stay away from meanies for sometime (often takes 1-2 months); (3) watch the universe re-adjust and just see how these people slowly dig a grave for themselves; (4) watch them fall in their grave because they have their own lessons to learn!  Honestly, that might sound too mean, but we have seen it happen. Universe does take its course – not only with others but with us too.


So here’s the summary, ladies – keep it clean at work, try and exit from all negative situations, don’t be a meanie, and hang in there when tides are rough! The tides do change!

Do you have tips for us? Please do share!

We want to hear from you!

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