Rahul Baba’s Ordinance NONSENSE!

Recently, the Un-Progressive Alliance (UPA) India, headed by Congress issued the controversial and shameless ordinance to save their star performer MPs and MLAs with criminal records so they can contest in the next election. While Aam Admi like you and I were scratching our heads wondering, how foolish the Government thinks we are, our hero, our savior, our Rahul Baba came out of the  poster … Continue reading Rahul Baba’s Ordinance NONSENSE!

Child Trafficking – Stories will break your heart!

According to the International Labor Organization, 2012, it is estimated that 20.9 MILLION people are enslaved today – 4.5 MILLION enslaved in sex exploitation! You know the average price for a child slave sold in a brothel – around $72.00! Human slavery is not just a developing world problem, it exists everywhere from Americas to Europe. We recently read about Love146.org, an organization that provides … Continue reading Child Trafficking – Stories will break your heart!

Arnab Goswami – the Newsy Indian crush!

Credit: www.firstpost.com
Credit: http://www.firstpost.com

Family huddles around 9:00 PM, and turns Tata Sky on. An angry young man announces, “You’re watching the News Hour, with Arnab Goswami”. Yesss! The the Swami of late night news appears, Jai Ho! Granny asks daughter-in-law to hush the crying baby, better yet, feed the baby brandy so baby is out in la-la land for the next 2 hours. The scene is set and audience already knows how the debate is gonna end – politicians go home crying and complaining, assuaging the common man’s (aka aam admi) helpless anger towards the tyranny we call – Indian democracy! Continue reading “Arnab Goswami – the Newsy Indian crush!”

Woman, if you get raped it’s your fault!

Yes, you heard it, if you get raped its your fault – it was either your dressing, your late night activities, your late night work schedule…and oh! remember if you are married, you cannot get raped! Nope it’s got nothing to do with misogyny embedded in the culture, or a learned behavior from an early age, or laws that no one cares to follow, or a man’s desire to … Continue reading Woman, if you get raped it’s your fault!

We like ’em lighter! Hoopla around Ms. America 2013

An outpouring of nationalistic sentiment, on twitter-feed on September 16th morning, read something like this: Clearly, there was some confusion about Ms. Nina Davuluri’s heritage, some called her Arab, some called her Al Qaeda, some called her an Indian and some a terrorist. We weren’t quite sure how the same person could be confused for an Arabian (from Saudi Arabia), an Indian, a 7-11 owner … Continue reading We like ’em lighter! Hoopla around Ms. America 2013

When I was molested

(DISCLAIMER: This post might not be appropriate for all readers!) As we were waiting for an auto in front of the Gurgaon’s MGF Metropolitan Mall, my friend from Gurgaon made an unusual remark, “That is the place where they pick up girls.” I wondered what he meant..! When one uses two words “pick up” and “girls” in the same sentence, we presume, boys picking up … Continue reading When I was molested

Fasting For Husbands – The Feminist Way!

This past Sunday was a festival called “Teej“, where the woman fasts for an entire day for the sake of her husband’s health and wealth. It might seem very romantic on the surface, but we quickly justified, “but my husband never fasts for me.” Moreover, Sunday feast was too tempting to give up over a religious and cultural belief!   3 generations of women sat … Continue reading Fasting For Husbands – The Feminist Way!

Shuddh Desi Romance – Movie Review

Suddh Desi Romance – the latest offering by Yash Raj Studios (Aditya Chopra Production) is the modern love story about hopeless romantics of the non-committal types. The movie is a fresh look at contemporary romance – where “together forever” might not reflect how relationships typically materialize. The young lovers involved change their minds and that too often! Movie might not sit well with the prudish … Continue reading Shuddh Desi Romance – Movie Review

Work Etiquette – A woman’s survival guide to emotional work situations!

(DISCLAIMER: We are not career advisers, but working women. You can take our advice or leave it; just don’t sue us) I gotta say ladies, women have it hard at work. I think there are way more labels for a woman at work, than there are for men (sorry not being sexist, just our opinion). We are either labelled too emotional, too soft, too aggressive, … Continue reading Work Etiquette – A woman’s survival guide to emotional work situations!

Book Review: Mafia Queens of Mumbai

S. Hussain Zaidi is no writer – he is an accomplished crime journalist and has a vast knowledge of Mumbai underworld – but he is no writer. And this book further proves this argument why crime journalist should never try to be a writer when he does not have enough content for the book. That’s our viewpoint, though he is well respected in the reading … Continue reading Book Review: Mafia Queens of Mumbai