Victims of the “Jealous Wife”

How many of you know of that particular woman – the one who snoops into her husband’s phones, emails, Facebook accounts, diaries, notebooks etc; and who cannot stand her husband near this particular “living being” called “another female”. Are you one of them? Then woman- trust us- you are being possessed by that nasty ghost called “jealous wife”! Trust us, we don’t mean to preach, we have been guilty of being the same during various points in our lives. But the idea is to acknowledge this ghost and rid ourselves of it!


So here goes…recently, the moment one of our male friend told his wife (via phone) that he was hanging out with us, we started noticing his uncomfortable body language. What followed after that: a series of messages, followed with calls! The next thing we knew – the friend finished his dinner as soon as possible, gave us a polite excuse and left.


(Given our wild imagination, we actually saw the hapless wife racing to our apartment to save her hubby from the clutches of two wicked seducing witches. Worse, she was there without even managing to change her clothes baring her unshaven underarms!)

We had a good laugh imagining this mad wife of our friend!


We are also women and more important we are also wives. Trust us when we say, the less possessive a wife is, the more appealing she is for her husband. We are beautiful, we are sexy, we are confident, we are smart, we are educated, and we are as appealing as we were before (or even more). When we have everything, why do we have to waste so much energy and time being so jealous and angry? Is not it a waste of our precious time?


By no means, we are saying men are perfect. There are jealous husbands. But we are here to liberate our sisters from this ghost. We understand that things change after marriage, but women seriously, let’s get it together! Husbands are allowed to have female friends. And trust us, not all female are lusting your husband. He might be your Salman Khan or George Clooney- but only yours..! For others, he is just a friend, or a colleague. And if your husband is not faithful, then you are better off without him. I am sure most men will agree…nothing sexier than a confident, trusting and loyal woman (and vice versa)!

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10 thoughts on “Victims of the “Jealous Wife”

    1. It takes courage to admit that. Guilty of the same…but honestly, I really think I wanna invest in myself now, and work on a positive endeavor each day. Sounds preachy but I realized worrying about anyone other than myself causes too much anguish 🙂

  1. I totally represent this post. I started a club for women like me. No I really didn’t but I bet I could. *giggle*

      1. Hi, I was just reading blogs about relationship, then I saw the words JEALOUS.. and there, I was found guilty upon reading your post. 🙂

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