Monkey Business of Sunset Watching

When did you last see the sun set?  Probably you do not remember. Thus, when you visit a new place and someone suggests that one must “walk 1 kilometer” to a certain “sunset point” to witness the best view, you might find the idea extremely fascinating. We faced the same situation when we were in Mount. Abu, Rajasthan. Obviously, we were not alone who found the idea enthralling – there were thousands of others.

Well! idea of viewing the best sunset could be enticing, however, not all can walk. However, local people of Mt. Abu have solution for that as well- this ride.

After walking for an hour, we reached the sunset point, which was nothing but the top of a small hill, jam-packed with people waiting for the best view in the world.

There were many others, hanging from trees to watch the magical sunset…!

Sun 9

After waiting for another one and half hour, at last – we witnessed the sunset..!

If you are wondering what is so special about this sunset. Nothing! It is just as beautiful as it can be in any place. It is just that when someone else told us about the beauty of sunset, all of us remembered to see it. And local people were just too happy to make money out of our newly found love for the sun.

Nonetheless, do not miss visiting the sunset point when you ever visit Mt. Abu. More than the sun, witnessing thousands of people (including yourself) herding towards the sunset point is interesting. In addition, do not miss to observe local people and their enterprises- magicians, snake charmers, trained animals (monkeys), acrobats- you find it all- in the name of sunset…!

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